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DASH DMC100AQ Express Electric Cooker Hot Pot with Temperature Control for Noodles, Rice, Pasta, Soups, Boiling Water & More 1.2 L Aqua

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Prepare up to 4 cups of cooked rice, reheat hot soup, and boil water with the Dash Express Hot Pot. 1.2 liter capacity is convenient for portion control while offering a range of recipes to choose from. This appliance includes a control dial for temperature control and indicator lights to prevent overcooking. Featuring a cool-touch handle for easy transport, the Dash Express Hot Pot is safer and remains handy for a wide variety of delicious, healthy recipes.

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  • VERSATILE: The Express Hot Pot is the handiest appliance in the kitchen. The 1500 watt, 1.2L capacity can hold up to 4 cups of rice, boil water, cook noodles, reheat soup, and much more (perfect for potlucks, small get togethers, or lunch at your desk)
  • COMPACT PORTABLE: This is a MUST-HAVE for that first apartment, smaller kitchen, college dorm life, or camper/rv traveling. Plus, its sleek design and trendy color options will accent any kitchen space
  • ADJUSTABLE: Equipped with a control dial, you can adjust for the perfect cooking (or reheating) temperature, and in much less time than it takes to boil water on the stovetop
  • SAFER: The indicator lights help prevent overcooking, and the cool touch handle makes it safer to use, and transport to a serving dish, plate, or bowl. It's so simple, even your kids can use it!
  • INCLUDES: Non-slip feet for durable stability, and a recipe guide companion cookbook with 15 recipes. Available in White, Red, and Aqua

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Zojirushi EP-PBC10 Gourmet d'Expert Electric Skillet

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The Zojirushi Gourmet d'Expert Electric Skillet is a multi-functional electric skillet with a titanium ceramic nonstick coated cooking pan that is 2-1/4-Inch deep to accommodate stew-type foods, and 10-1/2-Inch wide for grilling and sauteing. Adjustable temperature settings from 176 degrees F (keep warm) to 430 degrees F. This skillet can also be used for grilling and the cooking pan can be used directly on the stovetop burner making it multifunctional. I has a tempered glass lid to monitor the cooking process. It dissembles for easy cleaning and has a detachable magnetic power cord for safety. The handles stay cool and makes removal of cooking pan quick and easy.

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  • Large multi-functional electric skillet
  • Durable cooking pan ideal for sauteing, stewing and grilling
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Recipes included
  • Stay cool side handles make removal of cooking pan quick, safe and easy

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Sonya Shabu Shabu Hot Pot Electric Mongolian Hot Pot W/DIVIDER UL Approved for safety

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Model: SYHS-30

Voltage: 120V/60Hz

Power: 1500W

Material: Stainless Steel

Capacity: 5.3 Quart/5.0 L

Temperature Control Setting: 4

Diameter: 30 cm

We are promising to provide our customer high quality product and service, if you have any concern, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1888-329-8832, or email through Amazon or to [email protected] satisfaction is our priority.

As the leakage mentioned in recent comments, We have to let our customers know the right way of testing.

The most common error is if you fill water only to one side of the pot as some posted in 1 star reviews, the pressure difference between both sides can push the fluid flow to another side where some customers believe this is defective, but this is normal.

The right way is to fill each side to keep balance, the leak issue won't be notified. if you still have any concern, please contact us at [email protected]

Please acknowledge , and if it does matter to you, please reconsider before you make the purchase.

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  • Faster heating with larger power: 1500W,5.3 Quart/5 L capacity to satisfy family needs in most formats
  • Removable cooking pots for convenient use
  • Anti-skid feet to keep the pot sits evenly / UL approved for safety
  • First-class welding finished internal divider to provide you the benefit to enjoy hotpot with two different flavors

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Homeleader Electric Hot Plate, Stainless Steel Contertop Burner, 1000W

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Homeleader: The best choice for your daily-life
Homeleader is well-known in the manufacturing and distribution of kitchen household appliances in many countries, providing optimal products which aims at satisfying indoor and outdoor needs in your daily life.

185MM cooking plate. Compact portable design is ideal for camping, student dormitories, holiday homes, caravans, camping trips, offices or as an extra cooking appliance in the busy kitchen.

The hot plate is equipped with 5 thermostatically controlled heat settings for precise cooking. Use as an additional solid burner to warm sauces, make soups, boil water, cook pasta and vegetables and do so on.

Have features power on indicator light and non-slip feet. Robust, corrosion-resistant black stainless steel body - built to withstand frequent use.

Ensure there are no foreign articles such as water, food on the heating element before switch on.
Do not immerse this appliance in water.
Do not use harsh abrasive cleansers.

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  • CONVENIENT: The hot plate in a small space for easy cooking, cook food including warm sauce, scrambled eggs, roasted cheese, boil water, soup, cook pasta and vegetables and so on.
  • EVEN HEATING DESIGN: 185MM cooking plate. 1000 Watts of power for faster cooking. Always use flat-bottomed saucepans/containers which make good contact with the cooking plates.
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROLS: The cooking plate have a range of temperatures. Use the lower heat settings(0 to 3) for simmering and gentle heating and the high settings 4 to MAX for boiling.
  • KEEP WARM: Due to cooking plate construction, a certain amount of residual heat will after switching off. This may be used to keep some foods warm for a short period-eg dry off rice or potatoes.
  • RELIABLE AND FRIENDLY CUSTOMER SERVICE: Always be ready to respond within a 24 hour time frame. 30-day money back guarantee, 12-month replacement warranty and lifetime support guarantee.

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SUNAVO HP-30 Portable Electric Hot Plate hob Cooktop for Cooking, Single Electric Hotplate Burner 1500W Variable Temperature Controllers,Table Top Hot Plate Stainless Steel Scratch-Resistant,Silver

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The Sunavo multipurpose hot plate is the ideal cooking utensil for daily use.
It is ideal for student accommodation, office use, camping, parties, RVs and traveling.
Its compact design allows it to be stored away when not in use.
The plate's stainless steel body is easy to clean and can withstand long -term use.
The hot plate also features an auto shutdown function for additional safety.

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  • MULTIPURPOSE PORTABLE PLATE- SUNAVO presents the newest addition to its range of Hot Plates. Small and light, this Hot Plate is ideal for student accommodation, office use, camping, parties, RVs, traveling or as an extra cooking utensil in your kitchen. Because of its convenient size, it can easily be used in confined spaces or in your room too.
  • 1500W HEATING PLATE - This hot plate is equipped with one heating plate (18.5cm & 1500W power). Use it for heating sauces, cooking soup, boiling water, cooking pasta, and so on. (Note: The hot plate's surface around the heating plate heats up when in use. Do not touch the panel directly with your hands. Use gloves for safety)
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL TYPES OF COOKWARE - Unlike induction cookers that require a magnetic cooking pot, this hot plate can be used with any type of cookware in your home, such as aluminium pans, copper pans, cast iron frying pans and non-magnetic stainless steel pans. Also, compared to induction cookers, this hot plate is safe to use and doesn't emit harmful radiation.
  • DURABLE & EASY TO CLEAN - The temperature is regulated by a thermostat, and the hot plate features an automatic shut-down safety function if it malfunctions, to avoid damage or injury. The stainless steel body is easy to clean and durable. (CAUTION: Do not use abrasive products when cleaning, as they may scratch or damage the device)
  • WARRANTY: We offer a 30-day hassle-free return policy and 12-month warranty. For details, please refer to the instruction manual.

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Drizzle Foldable Electric Hot Pot Cooker Dual Voltage100V-240V, Mini Kettle Food Grade Silicone Cookerware Boiling Water Steamer Portable Travel

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Foldable Electric Hot Pot Cooker

Volume: 1L
Weight: 1050g
Material: Food grade silicon
Voltage: 100-120V220-240V
Wattage: 700-1000W/850-1000W
Size before folded: 5.5x7x8 inch
Size after folded: 2.5x7x2.6 inch

Multi Function for Cook
- Boiling water
- Making hot pot
- Cooking eggs, noodles, pasta, dumplings

Multi Occasions for Use
- For student living in dorm room
- For worker who's hungry at the office
- For people living in the rented without kitchen
- For people while go camping or traveling or go abroad

Special unique folding function saving space
Food grade silicon and stainless steel for easy clean
Dual 110/220 voltage knob can be use all over the world.

Package Include:
1x Electric Cooker
1x Storage Pouch
1x Cleaning media
3x Universal Adaptor

Please adjust the correct 110 or 220 voltage knob at the base before using !
At the base of cooker, there have a graphic guide with double arrows between 110120V and 220240V. Choose the correct voltage by adjusting that knob.
*There must be an extra connect for British plug between US plug and Asia plug. British plug is just like a bridge, which connect US plug and Asia plug. The local correct voltage must be adjusted to 110V.

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  • What For? When traveling, what if eating food that doesn't suit your appetite? In the office or dormitory, what if you want to cook some hot food? Look at this, it will make you have a different experience.
  • Versatile Cooker Multi function electric cooker, be the handiest appliance in your life. Stewed noodles, make soups or hot pot, steamed frozen food, also can boil water. Equipped with a control dial, can adjust for the perfect cooking temperature.
  • Foldable Cooker Pressing it will make the cooker fold become small, super lightweight. Suitable for college dorm, camping, especially for traveling. When you are hungry in travel, open your backpack and plug in the electric cooker, easily cook your food.
  • Safe Material 100 food grade silicone material, stainless steel base easy for clean, is not susceptible rust. When heating plate temperature is too high, it will power off automatically to ensure safety, takes less time than on the stove.
  • Suit Anywhere Product built to North American electrical standards, 100V240V voltage. Just rotate the control dial to get it working. Very simple and suitable for anyone. Its sleek design not only practical but also good looking.

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NutriChef Electric Glass Water Kettle - 1.7L Original Clear Digital Automatic Heater Warmer Kit Set w/Temperature Control, Timer, LED, Lid Cover, Accessories - For Boiling, Brewing Hot Tea - PKTM15

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NutriChef Model : PKTM15

Electric Glass Kettle Team Maker

2-in-1 Electric Glass Kettle & Tea Maker - Tea Brewing Kettle, Water Boiler & Warmer

  • Simple Plug-in Operation Kettle
  • Instant Heating & Quick Boiling
  • Convenient Easy-Pour & Removable Spout
  • Detachable Heating Plate & Removable Kettle Container
  • Digital LCD Panel with Touch Button Controls
  • Heat-Resistant & Stain-Resistant Housing
  • Temperature Readout Display
  • Automatic Power Off Safety Feature

  • Whats in the Box:
  • Glass Kettle
  • Tea Brewing Basket
  • Heating Element Base

  • Technical Specs:
  • High-Powered Heating Element: 800 Watt
  • Maximum Temperature Reached: 212 Fahrenheit
  • Adjustable Time Setting: Up to 120 Minutes
  • Kettle Liquid Capacity: 1.8 Quarts
  • Power: 120V

  • Making tea is easy & hassle-free with NutriChef. The Electric Glass Tea Kettle features an integrated Tea Infusing Basket for quick batch brewing. Use the digital control panel with touch button controls to steep and infuse a perfect cup every time. The kettle lifts from the heating plate for cordless and safe pouring -- it also features an automatic power-off safety feature when the set temperature is reached. Preset timer functions allow the NutriChef Electric Kettle to prepare more than just tea; the unique system is also capable of making of serving up a hot bowl of hearty soup. The Keep Warm mode will ensure that all of your meals and beverages will be served heated, when needed. Experience Glass Tea Kettle convenience with NutriChef!

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    • 800 WATT POWER: The NutriChef 2-in-1 Electric Glass Kettle Kit is not just your ordinary water boiler. It can also be used to brew tea, and make healthy yogurt or soup. It features an 800W high-powered heating element and a simple plug in operation
    • 1.8 QUART CAPACITY: The home health hot tea maker has a liquid capacity of 1.8 quarts. It offers instant heating and quick boiling with a maximum temperature of 212 Fahrenheit. Includes glass kettle, tea brewing basket, and heating element base
    • AUTOMATIC POWER OFF: Features automatic power off safety feature when the set temperature is reached which prevents the kettle from overheating. Also features a heat-resistant and stain-resistant housing providing years of enjoyment
    • DETACHABLE HEATING PLATE: The smart original clear liquid warmer or heater features detachable heating plate and removable kettle container for easy and hassle-free cleaning and maintenance. Also a convenient easy-pour and removable spout
    • DIGITAL LCD PANEL: Equipped w/ digital LCD panel w/ temperature readout display, and touch button control - power on/off button, menu, adjustable temperature, timer settings for preferred adjustments, also LED indicator lights for each heating mode

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    Electric Tea Kettle Stainless Steel SVVSS Fast Boiling Water Pot 1.7Liter (NON-BPA) with Thermometer Glass

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    Using cordless kettle is indeed easy - The cord stashes away in the base with a little wheel to wrap it up.

    The cord, about 3', is ample in length to plug it in as needed for use. The base heats the water in the kettle

    and the kettle can be removed and used freely outside of the tethered/plugged in base, so the length of the

    cord is of little consequence in most instances.This cord allows it to stash away nice and neat in the base when not in use.

    Simply fill the kettle with a minimum of 2 cups of water, or a maximum of just over 7 cups (there is an internal etches Max Fill line.)

    Set the kettle on the plugged in base and press the toggle switch down. It will illuminate. For safety needs,

    hot water pot is equipped with an automatic shut off function that is supposed to turn the unit off (flip the switch) once the water boils.

    Multiple uses electric kettle is something we use daily for - from beverages to even making instant potatoes

    for dinner- You don't have to pull a pot out anymore, and you still have water leftover for an after dinner cup of coffee.

    .Warm Tips: If hard water has left after use much times hard water deposit build up on the very bottom of the kettle

    - this may happens when the water gets below 3 or so cups. The deposits don't scrub off, but will quickly remove

    if you swish a little vinegar around the bottom.

    Product Specifications:

    Material: HQ 304 Stainless Steel

    Capacity: 1.7L

    Product Size: 8.3*8.3*11.7 inch/21.2*21.2*29.8cm

    Product Net Weight: 40.21-ounce /1.14kg

    Product Specifications: 120V-60HZ-1500W

    Package :

    1Pcs of SVVSS electric kettle

    1 Pcs of User Manual


    3-Year Warranty

    If you have any confusion,please contact us directly.

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    • Stainless Steel Interior -- The cordless electric kettle safely boil water while keeping it pure and uncontaminated; removable anti-scale filter conveniently rids your water of calcium residues.
    • Steam Reflux Temperature Control System -- The metal filter at the mouth of the spout to block the steam overflow, so that high-temperature steam directly to the top, triggering temperature control facilities to achieve timely power cut to avoid a waste of electricity.
    • Unique Crafts -- Stainless electric kettle with diamond patterns, pefect match to your kitchen.Clear level markings,you can boil suitable water and be ready to use for tea, oatmeal, coffee, pasta and more.The cord stashes away in the base with a little wheel to wrap it up.
    • Safety Performance -- Concealed heating element and dry-boil protection keep users from unexpected accident.The stainless kettle is equipped with an automatic shut off function(The bottom heating plate is wound with pure copper wire.
    • BPA-Free And FDA Approved -- Advanced British thermostat is the component detect the water temperature of 100C(which are very few electric boilers in the market that can boil at 100C ).That internal kettle no plastic comes in contact with water .
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    IKICH Glass Electric Kettle, 1.7L Cordless Hot Water Boiler with 100 Stainless Steel Inner Lid & LED Indicator Light, FDA Approval Tea Heater, Auto-off & Boil-Dry Protection, A, Black, 1500 W

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    Professional Electric Kettle Makes Life Better and Healthier
    The Advantages of Glass Kettle
    1.Compared with other kettles, glass kettle has no unpleasant taste or smell. It provides you with fresh boiled water.

    2.It offers you a chance to watch the water-boiling process through the glass.

    3.Unlike other kettles, it is much easier to clean as glass enables you see the water stains clearly.

    Ways to Descale a Electric Kettle

    Please clean your electric kettle once a month or two if water in your area tends to be hard and every few months if water tends to be softer for your health. You can refer to the link Descale-a-Kettle


    1.The added water shouldn't exceed the maximum water level.

    2.Don't heat the kettle with no water.

    3.The electric kettle should be used along with the power base we sold. Don't use other power bases.

    4.When you heat water, please cover the lid, and don't pull it out when heating to avoid scalds.


    Material: High borosilicate glass

    Max Capacity: 1.7L Min Capacity: 0.5L

    Package Included:

    1 Glass Electric Kettle 1 User Manual

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    • Glass & Steel LidMade with high-quality glassand the hot plate, lid of kettle are 100 food grade stainless steel ,without plasticpreventing taste contaminationwhich provide you healthier life . NOTE: The electric kettle's filter made of BPA-free materials. (the same as baby bottles are made of)
    • Energy-saving & auto shut-offWith 1500-Watts power,1.7L capacity glass electric kettle provides 8 glasses of water and 1L water rapidly just 4 minutes. the glass electric kettle is faster than a stove or microwave and using less than half the energy. The auto shut-off mechanism activates within few seconds after the water is fully boiling.
    • Maximum SafetyEquipped with bright LED lights to indicate when the kettle is heating. Built with an anti-slip grip and heat-resistant handle, you won't have to worry about this kettle sliding out of your hands or getting burned with. It is also FDA-APPROVED & BPA FREE.
    • Exquisite DetailSuperior temperature controller and heating elements can be used over 5000 times (if 3-4 times a day, approx. 5 years). More details make glass electric kettle more outlast: stay-cool and ergonomic handle,the blue on-off LEDwide opening for cleaning deposits and adding water, low noise (less than 60dB), separable base for convenient serving and cable storage, 62 spout neither drips and spits, etc.
    • Worry-free WarrantyYou can feel free to use this glass electric kettle, we will provide 45-day money back and 24 months warranty for you.Your satisfaction is our most important service tenet.

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    Premium NutriChef Cordless Stainless Steel Kettle, Auto Shut Off Switch, Tea Kettle, LED Light, Electric Water Kettle, Countertop, Easy Pour Spout, Safety Lock, 800W, 1.7L (7 Cups), Gold (PKWK23GD)

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    The NutriChef PKWK23GD is an elegantly designed Stainless Steel Electric Water Kettle that looks great whether while serving or simply for display on any kitchen countertop. Works at events where speed, convenience, and presentation count. Features a large water capacity of 1.7 liters, easy to use and a very affordable Electric Water Kettle.

  • Simple Plug in Operation Kettle
  • Boil Water and Keep Liquids Hot
  • Convenient Easy Pour Locking Spout
  • Easy Refillable Container
  • Heat Resistant and Stain Resistant Housing
  • Detachable Heating Plate and Removable Kettle Container
  • Safe for Placement on Any Kitchen Table or Countertop
  • Automatic Power Off Safety Feature
  • LED Indicator Light

  • Technical Specs:
  • Maintains a Temperature of 190 to 212 Fahrenheit
  • High Powered Heating Element: 800 Watt
  • Kettle Housing Material: Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Container Capacity: 1.8 Quarts
  • Power Cord Length: 2.5 foot
  • Power: 120V
  • Sold as: 1
  • Weight: 2.83 lbs.
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    • PREMIUM QUALITY: The water heater electric kettle is made of a durable sleek design brushed stainless steel build with high heat tolerance and corrosion resistance, making this the kettle of number one choice for your home or office.
    • CORDLESS DESIGN: This gold electric kettle comes with a convenient cordless removable base design. Quickly & safely heat up water for tea, coffee or soup. Remove the jug from the power base for easy pouring without having to drag the cord around.
    • KEEP WARM FUNCTION: Boil water & keeps liquids warm with the NutriChef electric kettle stainless steel. Auto keep-warm function switches on automatically after boiling, maintaining a water temperature of 190-212 F.
    • SAFETY FIRST: The kettle stainless steel features automatic power-off, boil-dry safety protection with a double-layer cool touch handle, a built-in LED indicator light and a safety locking spout preventing accidental spills or scalding.
    • EASY TO USE: The electric hot water kettle has a wide-top opening for easy filling & cleaning. Stain resistant, easy-pour spout, & removable base makes pouring a safe, pleasant experience.

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    Hot plate for boiling water