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Jade Leaf Matcha Green Tea Powder - USDA Organic, Authentic Japanese Origin - Classic Culinary Grade (Smoothies, Lattes, Baking, Recipes) - Antioxidants, Energy 30g Starter Size

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What grade of Matcha is this, and how do I use it?

This is Culinary Grade Matcha, which is an affordable way to add a delicious, healthy boost to smoothies, lattes, baked goods, and other dishes.

What's the difference between Culinary and Ceremonial grades?

Simple: Culinary grade is meant for mixing into recipes as an ingredient, while Ceremonial grade is meant to be prepared traditionally as a tea (just mixed with hot water and whisked). Culinary grade is more affordable for day to day use, making it easy to fit the health benefits of Matcha into your diet.

Does it contain caffeine?

Yes, each half-teaspoon (1g) serving contains roughly 34mg of caffeine, about 1/3 a cup of coffee. However, Matcha also contains L-Theanine, which has a calming and leveling affect, so it doesn't make you feel jittery or wired like coffee does.

What are other health benefits?

- Boosts metabolism and helps burns calories
- Calms and relaxes you from stress or anxiety
- Rich in antioxidants (137x the amount in conventional green tea!)

Are there other use cases for Culinary Matcha?

Yes! Many of our customers make a healthy facial mask using our Culinary Grade, by mixing it with just a bit of water to form a paste.

Where does this Matcha come from?

Our Matcha is grown by Nagata Chaen, a single estate, organically focused family farm near the city of Uji in Kyoto, Japan.

What if I don't like it?

If you are not 100 satisfied with your purchase for any reason, just email us and we'll refund your order in full, no questions asked.

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  • 100 USDA Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder, All Natural, Nothing Added (naturally gluten free and vegan)
  • Authentic Japanese Origin - sourced directly from organic farms in Uji, Japan, allowing us to provide better quality at better pricing than our competitors
  • Create Amazing Matcha Recipes - Culinary Grade Matcha is an affordable way to add a delicious, healthy boost to smoothies, lattes, baked goods, and other dishes. Included with your order is a helpful Matcha Recipe Guide to get you started.
  • Healthy Superfood - matcha is rich in antioxidants, helps boost metabolism, great source of natural energy and mental clarity
  • Love It or Your Money Back - if you are not 100 satisfied with your purchase of our Matcha for any reason, just email us and we'll refund your order in full, no questions asked.

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Starter Matcha Green Tea Powder 12oz USDA Organic Vegan GMO-Free Matcha Latte Matcha Smoothie

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One Powder, Endless Possibilities!

Between hectic work schedules and busy personal lives, it's no surprise that many of us are low on energy. Even with a full night's sleep and countless cups of coffee, we wake up tired, groggy and unable to focus on the tasks ahead.

Give yourself a revitalizing boost with Matcha Green Tea Powder by Red Leaf Tea! A powerful and natural superfood, matcha can provide up to 4-6 hours of sustained energy without the jittery side effects. And because it helps maintain good moods and sharpens your focus, it's a great go-to before work, school and anyplace in between.

But the benefits of matcha don't stop there! Loaded with more free radical-fighting antioxidants than typical green tea, it's an effective way to support immune and skin health. And because it can help increase fat oxidation, maintaining weight loss is easier than ever. From teas and lattes to pastries and cakes, its natural, nutty flavor will make it a cooking staple in any kitchen!

At Red Leaf Tea, we believe value and quality don't have to be mutually exclusive! So while this is a budget-friendly option, you can rest assured knowing that it's vegan, non-GMO, organic and free of sweeteners and fillers.

Why Choose Our Matcha Powder?

  • Provides a natural energy boost
  • Delivers powerful antioxidants
  • Supports weight loss
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Organic, vegan and gluten-free
  • Try Today Risk Free with Our Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

    *Stock is limited. Order today to ensure availability.

    Order Your Green Tea Powder Now for Health Made Easy!

    Current Batch

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    • ON-THE-GO ENERGY: Whether you need a midday pick-me-up or you just want to start your morning off right, our superfood matcha tea powder is fast-acting and provides 4-6 hours of sustained energy! It even maintains good moods and focus for long-lasting support.
    • ANTIOXIDANT BOOST: Organic matcha powder contains 137x the antioxidants of regular green tea, making it an effective way to bolster the immune system! By fighting free radical damage, it can also help improve the overall quality and health of your skin.
    • SUPPORT METABOLISM: Boasting the ability to increase fat oxidation by 17, green tea matcha can naturally support weight loss! With a nutty, earthy taste, it's a must-have when you want to give your smoothies, cakes, pastries or beverages a little extra kick.
    • TRUSTED QUALITY: Sugar Free, gluten-free and USDA organic, our green tea supplement is a budget-friendly option that doesn't sacrifice quality! The best part? It's totally free of the preservatives, sweeteners and other additives found in the competing products.
    • SHOP RISK FREE: Ready to discover the endless matcha health benefits firsthand? We know you'll love our supplement just as much as we do, but in case you don't, orders are backed with our money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose, so try it today!

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    MatchaDNA 1 LB Certified Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder (16 OZ TIN CAN)

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    16 oz ( 1 LB ) Tin of 100 USDA Certified Organic Matcha green tea powder by MatchaDNA is a nutritious green superfood tea with a delicate, earthy and naturally good taste. MachaDNA is organically and sustainably grown on family owned farms in the pristine mountains of the Fujian province and is hand-picked. It can be made as tea, lattes, smoothies or used in foods and cooking. Few people know that the current practice of drinking powdered green tea in the Japanese tea ceremony is actually from the song dynasty in china. It dates back to over 1, 000 years ago. This practice was carried on to japan and is now considered a pillar of Japanese culture. Today, once again high quality Matcha is being made in china. This tea has a slightly different character than its Japanese counterpart. Both teas have a deep green color and a thick, savory taste and texture. Both are high in egcg and antioxidants, however, our Chinese Matcha is smoother, and it has a rich, smooth and fresh taste unlike any other. MachaDNA Matcha green tea powder is: 100 percent USDA certified organic-certified organic to USDA and EU standards. Lab tested for purity-each batch is tested for lead and heavy metals. Over 10x the nutritional value than brewed green tea-rich in antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients, amino acids and egcgs. Never irradiated-not from Japan. No radiation contamination. 100 percent pure matcha green tea powder. Certified bpa-free pouches-vacuum packed in certified bpa-free pouches for freshness. 100 percent money back satisfaction guarantee-we stand behind our products and offer a 100 percent money back guarantee. All our Matcha teas are tested in independent laboratories for lead and heavy metals. They pass the tests with flying colors. Order your Matcha dna green tea today and join the tens of thousands who are currently enjoying Matchadna Matcha already. Get yours now.

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    • 🍵 DELICIOUS AND NUTRITIOUS TEA: 16 oz Tin Can of MatchaDNA Organic Green Tea Powder is naturally packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and EGCG's.
    • 🍵 100 USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC - All MatchaDNA teas are USDA Certified Organic. Our farms have been inspected and meet the stringent USDA Organic rules and requirements.
    • 🍵 LAB TESTED FOR LEAD AND HEAVY METALS: Each batch is also tested for Lead and heavy metals by third party labs to ensure purity.
    • 🍵 DOCTOR RECOMMENDED - Great doctors including Dr Oz have recommend the use of Matcha green tea powder . Oz said it is a tea every woman should drink every day.
    • 🍵 100 SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - MatchaDNA stands behind every product it makes. We are confident that you will love our products and offer a 100 Percent Money Back Guarantee.

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    TEAki Hut Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder 4 Ounce (100 Servings) Culinary Grade Excellent Weight Loss Benefits More Antioxidants than Green Tea Bags Best for Making Matcha Tea, Smoothies, Lattes

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    Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder - 4 oz = 100 Servings

    Are your looking for an all natural ingredient for your diet to instantly start losing more weight? Do you try to avoid unhealthy coffee drinks; only to find yourself sleepy and tired throughout the day?

    Try a bag of Instant Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder from Teaki Hut!

    PACKED FRESH, STAYS FRESH! Our stone ground powder comes packaged in an airtight, Non-BPA bag. Scoop out your desired amount and seal the bag to maintain the aroma and crisp taste!

    ESSENTIAL HEALTH BENEFITS! Matcha green tea is proven to boost metabolism and help you shed pounds fast. Also an instant source of energy in the morning without crashing!

    MULTIPLE USES! Use our powder for hot tea, cooking, baking, smoothies, or iced green tea lattes!


    We guarantee that you will be absolutely happy with your experience using our matcha green tea powder, or oyur money back. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, simply let us know for a no questions asked 100 refund!

    No Costshipping for prime members and non-prime members ordering 49.

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    • NATURAL FAT BURNER - Proven to have direct effects on your metabolism and overall health. Ingredients are more than 10X more effective than brewed green tea!
    • PURE ORGANIC WITH NO ADDITIVES - Shade grown and hand-picked leaves that are properly dried before stone grinding. 100 USDA Certified Organic!
    • BENEFICIAL EFFECTS THROUGHOUT YOUR DAY - Matcha green tea is proven to increase energy and concentration upon intake. Enhance your mood and memory!
    • HEALTHIER THAN COFFEE - By slow-releasing vital ingredients to your body, our powder provides a jitter-less boost in energy. Wake up feeling great with no crash!
    • 100 FAVORITE TEA GUARANTEE - If you are not totally happy with your 4oz Organic Matcha Tea purchase for any reason, simply let us know for a full no questions asked refund.

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    VITAL PROTEINS Matcha Collagen, 12 OZ

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    Vital Proteins Matcha Collagen is sourced from high-quality Japanese matcha green tea and grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine hide to ensure top quality and maximum nutritional benefit.

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    • Bioavailable: Collagen is easily digested and absorbed by the body.
    • Rich in antioxidants: Matcha contains 137 times the amount of free radical-fighting antioxidants as other green teas.
    • Matcha green tea powder provides calm, steady alertness, mitigating the crashing effect of caffeine while still providing energy
    • Easy to use: No complicated preparation required; simply dissolve into an 8 oz. glass of cold or hot water.

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    Encha Latte Grade First Harvest Organic Matcha (USDA Organic Certificate and Antioxidant Content Listed, Pure Matcha Green Tea Powder Directly from Farm in Uji, Japan, 60g/2.12oz Size)

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    Encha Founder Dr. Li Gong (Stanford Ph.D. 2001) found our organic matcha farm in his discovery journey among many organic green tea farms in Japan. Our farmer in Uji, Kyoto, Japan switched to organic farming in 1987, with 30 years of experience farming the best matcha organically. Encha Founder and Farmer worked together to create three grades of Encha pure organic matcha to best suit the typical taste preferences for drinking matcha as tea, latte or in smoothie and dessert. We hope you enjoy the natural taste as well as calm energy and antioxidant benefits from drinking your cup of Encha. We also hope that our collective demand for organic matcha and other superfoods help more farmers go organic. All grades of Encha Organic Matcha are USDA-certified organic, non-GMO, no preservatives, and naturally gluten-free and vegan. Radioactivity was never detected in Encha Organic Matcha as our farm is in the mountains in Kyoto prefecture in Southwest Japan, 800km away from Fukushima site. Our no-radioactivity report and organic certificate are in the last image on the top.

    Buy the best matcha powder from
    • Encha is the only brand that offers a higher-quality pure matcha for latte, using first-harvest organic matcha grown on our farm in the Uji mountains of Kyoto, Japan.
    • Matcha latte using Latte-grade Encha is greener and smoother compared to using lower-quality matcha. Sweetener is not necessary!
    • All Encha matcha is USDA certified organic. The organic certificate, the report of no radioactivity, and the matcha nutrition content are in the last two images.
    • To avoid clumps in making, use a matcha whisk or frother to dissolve 1 tsp of Encha powder with 2oz water first. Then add milk. You can also use a blender.
    • 100 Money Back Guarantee: Customer enjoyment of Encha is the reason for our organic matcha farming. In case you are not satisfied with your order, please contact us for refund. Amazon return policy doesn't accept returns of grocery products including matcha. But we can issue you a returnless refund. You can contact us by clicking "Sold by Encha" and then "Ask a question".

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    Premium Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder - 1st Harvest Ceremonial HIGHEST Grade - USDA & JAS Organic - From Japan 30g Tin 1.06oz - Perfect for Starbucks Latte, Shake, Smoothies & Baking

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    100 USDA & JAS Organic Japanese Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea Powder - The Highest Grade You Can Buy!


    Do you feel mentally in a tunnel without enough energy and focus to finish the day?
    Are the pressures of life and work causing stress and anxiety?
    Do you find it hard to boost your metabolism and burn calories at the same time?
    Are you tired of products that are filled with additives and preservatives?

    Introducing The Highest Quality of USDA & JAS Organic Matcha Green Tea!

    Our Japanese ceremonial grade Matcha has an all natural Amino Acid called L-Theanine which enhances all day energy, mental clarity and focus.

    The Amino Acid L-Theanine also combats stress and anxiety, by giving you a tranquil relaxing feeling that you need to stay focused.

    Japanese ceremonial Matcha has 1300x more antioxidants than regular brewed tea. These antioxidants will naturally boost your metabolism and burn calories.

    Our Japanese ceremonial Matcha green tea is 100 USDA & JAS organic and gluten free. NO Preservatives, NO Additives!

    Our reusable packaging is specially designed to keep your Matcha fresh for longer periods of time.

    Matcha Organics is the ONLY Matcha company backed by the nationally recognized health and fitness doctor, Dr. Asa

    With your purchase, we will send you our Top 100 Matcha Recipes eBook FOR FREE!

    60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Even if you drink all the Matcha!

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    • HIGHEST QUALITY MATCHA FROM JAPAN - Our certified JAS and USDA organic premium ceremonial grade Matcha is produced in YAME Japan, and is the first harvest of the Green Tea plant. With a smooth natural flavor and vibrant green color, our Matcha is highly potent and is the highest quality of Matcha green tea that you can buy. GUARANTEE - We stand behind our Matcha 100. If you are not satisfied, just contact us within 60 days and we will give you a FULL refund. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!
    • ENERGY, MEMORY AND FOCUS ENHANCER - With the power of the Amino Acid L-Theanine, our japanese ceremonial matcha green tea will give you all day energy, mental clarity and focus for up to 6 hours, without jitters or crash.
    • FAT BLOCKER, BURNER & METABOLISM BOOSTER - Drinking Japanese Matcha green tea before working out will increase your metabolism, and burn 25 more body fat during an exercise. Unlike other weight loss diet supplements, our Japanese Matcha green tea is an all natural USDA organic product with no additives or preservatives.
    • LATTES, SMOOTHIES, SHAKES & BAKING MIX - We highly recommend using Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder to any baking recipe such as Lattes, Smoothies, Shakes or Cookies. The smooth and natural flavor of our Organic Japanese Matcha adds a whole new level of nutrition to any recipe. With your purchase of our Japanese Matcha, you will receive a FREE copy of our Top 100 Matcha Recipe eBook.
    • ANTI-STRESS & ANTI-ANXIETY - Our select ceremonial grade of Japanese Matcha Green Tea has high levels of an organic amino acid called L-theanine. This amino acid combats stress and anxiety and gives you that calm relaxing feeling that you need to focus. We highly recommend matcha green tea for anyone dealing with anxiety or stress.

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    The Oriental Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder Organic-(Premium Culinary Grade) - USDA & Vegan Certified-30g (1.06 oz) Perfect for Baking, Smoothies, Latte, Iced Tea, Ice Cream. Gluten & Sugar Free

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    Delicious tea can make your day. So we make sure everything you choose is of the finest quality.

    Famous Doctor who featured Matcha Green Tea Powder on his TV show, he also said every woman should drink Matcha green tea every day.

    Start your day with a delicious cup of Oriental Organic Matcha Green Tea Lattes, Smoothies, Iced Tea and enjoy a steady energy boost and concentration throughout the day. Our matcha acts as both a stimulant and a relaxant and helps maintain a healthy metabolism while naturally supporting your weight loss goals. It smells fresh, tastes better and an unforgettable gift you can choose for the tea lovers in your life.

    The Oriental Organic Matcha Tea is organically grown and handpicked in the pristine mountains at Jiangxi province, China, and stone grounded with utmost care and dedication through a tight quality control process to keep its taste and quality. When you see the Oriental Organic label, you can assure that there is no such finer quality product available at any price.


    If you have any questions please ask your question on the Amazon Page and we will be happy to assist you.

    Matcha Best Friend Gift

    Package size: 1oz / 30g

    Recommended serving size: 2g or 1 teaspoon

    Country of Origin: China

    Current Batch Expiration Date is 27/03/2020

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    • USDA ORGANIC MATCHA- Non GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan friendly. Made from 100 organic Chinese matcha powder
    • POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANT - - Enhance Focus, Increase Energy, Boost your Metabolism!
    • DELICATE AND NATURALLY SWEET TASTE - Highest Antioxidant Tea Found Anywhere Rich in Vitamins, Nutrients, Amino Acids and EGCG's
    • BOOST ENERGY - for 4-6 Hours. Best Coffee Substitute with no Caffeine Jitters!
    • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. But for any reason if our organic matcha green tea doesn't get your approval, please contact us and we'll try our best to fix the situation ASAP. SO WHY WAIT? CHOOSE US NOW.

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    Matcha Green Tea Powder Organic - Japanese Premium Culinary Grade, Unsweetened & Sugar Free - USDA & Vegan Certified - 100g (3.52 oz) - Perfect for Baking, Smoothies, Latte, Iced tea & Weight Loss

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    Enjoy The Premium Benefits of Culinary Matcha

    Zen Spirit Matcha is the best way to start your day full of energy, concentration, and tons of organic nutrients. Our Culinary Matcha is considered as a Ceremonial Grade in Japan because of the fresh color, richer taste and also silkier texture than others on the market.

    Our brand is dedicated to selecting the best Matcha leaf from the most exclusive organic farms in Japan. We strive to create a perfect powdered combination that will result in a premium product that all our customers can enjoy on a daily basis.

    How to use our Zen Spirit Matcha Green Tea Powder:

    Our Premium Matcha could be simply mixed with hot water as a traditional Japanese tea beverage but as it is our Culinary Grade Matcha the main purpose of production will be as part of a delicious recipe of your creation for:

    Iced Teas
    Organic Energy Drinks

    The True Benefits Of Zen Spirit Organic Culinary Matcha:

    Fresh Color & Richer Taste than traditional Culinary Matcha.
    High in Antioxidants Especially The Powerful EGCg.
    Excellent Source of Amino Acids Especially L-Theanine.
    Detoxifies Effectively, Lowering Cholesterol & Boosting Energy Naturally.
    Improve Health, Daily Focus & Relieves Stress.
    Lose Weight by Boosting Fat Metabolism and Suppresses Appetite.
    Helps to Prevent Disease, Reduce Skin Aging & Best Black Tea Substitute!
    100 Customer Satisfaction Guarantee or Refund.

    Limited Quantity Available for Sale on Amazon with an opening price of 50 off!

    Order Your Zen Spirit Premium Organic Culinary Matcha Today While Prices Are Reduced!

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    • 100 Grams / 3.52oz of 100 Premium Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder USDA Organic, JONA and Vegan Certified. Harvested and Packaged in Japan From Exclusive Organic Matcha Farms and Powdered by Ceramic Stone Mills.
    • Zen Spirit's Matcha Culinary Grade is a Perfect Superfood for Cooking and Preparing Your Favorite Recipes. Such as Baking Cakes, Cookies, Delicious Smoothies, Lattés, Iced Tea, Herbal Teas. Some Make use of the Powder as a Steak Tenderizer. With your Purchase We also Include an E-book with 10 Easy Recipes that May guide you to Begin enjoying the Matcha World.
    • Our Premium Matcha Offers The Best Source of Antioxidants & Amino Acids such as (EGCg) & (L-Theanine). It is also 100 Cholesterol, Gluten & Sugar Free. While the Rest of the Market Focuses on Offering Lower Quality Matcha for Less, We Simply Offer The Best Culinary Matcha in the World for a Better Value for Your Money.
    • Matcha Powder Detoxifies the Body, Boosts Immune System, Promotes Weight Loss By Boosting Fat Metabolism, Lowering Cholesterol & Blood Sugar. All the While, Boosting Daily Focus, Increased Energy & Relieves Stress Naturally. It also, Helps to Prevent Diseases And Reduces Skin Aging.
    • Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority, Therefore, Our Matcha Powder has 100 Money Back Guarantee. If for any Reason You Are Dissatisfied With Your Purchase, Please Feel Free to Send Us a Message to Grant a Refund. We Appreciate You for Choosing Zen Spirit.

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    Matcha Green Tea Powder - Superior Culinary - USDA Organic From Japan -Natural Energy & Focus Booster Packed With Antioxidants. (Value Bag 100g (3.5oz))

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    Your search for the best organic matcha from Japan stops right here...

    Matcha is the finest quality Green Tea from Japan. Matcha is the heart of the Japanese way of tea and has been celebrated in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony for hundreds of years. Made from stone-ground green tea leaves and is one of the most powerful superfood you can find today. A premium green tea powder that the Japanese have for centuries whisked in a bowl with hot water to make a frothy beverage.

    Amazing health benefits you can enjoy:
    - 137x Antioxidants of brewed green tea
    - Boost Metabolism
    - Enhances immune system
    - Improves cholesterol
    - Coffee substitute
    - Improve skin & hair
    - Great for diets
    - Amazing taste

    Why you should choose eco heed organic matcha:
    - FREE Matcha journey starter eBook
    - 100 Certified Organic USDA & JAS
    - Our superior culinary grade matcha is often used for drinking in the traditional way (whisked in a bowl with hot water) and also in lattes, smoothies, cooking, baking and can be used for Japanese tea ceremonies
    - We are dedicated to providing the best Matcha from Japan to you
    - Made in JAPAN, Kyoto the birthplace of Japanese tea
    - Our Matcha farmers in Japan have been in the trade for 3 generations
    - At eco heed YOUR 100 satisfaction is OUR utmost priority

    Our guarantee to you:
    - We are so confident that you will love our organic matcha but if your are not 100 satisfied your covered with our 60 Day no questions asked money back guarantee

    Check above for special DISCOUNTS. Buy now and enjoy risk free authentic Japanese matcha

    Buy the best matcha powder from
    • A Natural Superfood - Increases energy & endurance, rich in antioxidants (the magical nutrient that gives us younger-looking skin)
    • The L-Theanine found in Matcha Tea boosts alpha brain waves that enhances mood & concentration.
    • Increase Metabolism - Matcha increases metabolism and helps the body burn fat.
    • 100 Certified Organic USDA & JAS. Our Premium Matcha Green Tea Powder is VIBRANT GREEN in colour & has a FRESH GRASSY Aroma (gluten free & vegan)
    • Carefully shade grown, picked, sorted & ground by our expert Matcha farmers in Kyoto, Japan for 3 generations. Producing higher quality Matcha at a better price. 100 SATISFACTION GUARANTEED or your money back no questions asked!

    Buy the best matcha powder from

    The best matcha powder