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OMorc 32 OZ Sport Fruit Infuser Water Bottle, Flip Top Lid & Dual Anti-slip Grips, BPA Free Infuser Water Bottle, Free Recipes and A Cleaning Brush Gifts, Ideal for Your Office and Home

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OMorc 32oz Sport Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Do you know that over 66 people are chronically dehydrated? Have you realized that you are probably one of those who dont drink enough water daily?

Well, our fruit infused water bottle helps motivate you to drink more. And a larger water capacity of 32oz help keep you hydrated and healthierFeatures of 32 Oz Infusion Water Bottle

Toxin-free, Shatter-resistant and Impact-resistant Tritan copolyester, safe and durable

Full-length & Removable Infuser Rod ensures that your water is infused to the very last drop, providing the best flavor possible

Leak-proof Design, The robust O-ring and A metal latching loop Say goodbye to those unwanted spontaneous lid openings and the leaks that usually follow

Convenient Thumb Releasing Button and Auto Align Lid help drink more comfortably

Cleaning Brush help you clean the Infuser Water Bottle more easily

Benefits of fruit infused water

Digest & rest better and perfectly Weight loss & hunger control

Helps joint lubrication and detoxify the body & reduce your sugar intake

Give you great source of vitamins & minerals

Helps reduce wrinkles & improve overall skin tone & elasticity

Stimulates better brain function - concentration & alertness

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  • Large 32 OZ Infuser Water Bottle. The full-length infuser rod ensures you can drink the water until very last sip. Standard mouth allows for filling fruit and ice cubes easily, providing the best flavor possible.
  • Food-grade Material. Made from toxin-free, shatter-resistant and impact-resistant Tritan materials, the bottle is completely BPA-free to create more healthy concoctions and seal the flavor of your drink.
  • Leak Proof. The robust O-ring and thumb releasing flip top lid is designed for leak-proof experience, small metal latching loop above the single push button keeps the lid well in place.
  • Dual Anti-slip Grips. Rubber grip the thumb grip on 2 sides are for holding large water bottle, Nice-sized fit for all normal cup holders.
  • Free Recipes and A Cleaning Brush Gifts. Free Recipes provide more healthily combinations. A cleaning brush is included for easy and complete cleaning or you can put it into the dishwasher directly.

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Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle - 32 Oz Sports Bottle with Full Length Infusion Rod, Time Mark and Insulating Sleeve Combo Set 27 Fruit Infused Water Recipes eBook Gift - Lollipop Pink

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Fruit infused water bottle 32oz with leak-proof lid from Hydracy

Do you find it difficult to drink the recommended 1 gallon daily water intake?
Have you often tried to cut on unhealthy and expensive flavored drinking or artificial sugary sodas without success?
Or maybe you are already infusing your water but find yourself having to refill your fruit infused water bottle over and over because it is too small and is leaking from time to time?

The Hydracy 32oz water bottle is the answer to your hydration struggles and the best solution on the market:

LONGER INFUSER: even with your bottle half full your water taste delicious!
OUTER SLEEVE: comfortable insulation sleeve absorbs perspiration and keep your drink fresh longer
LEAK PROOF: Thanks to the single button release locking flip top, you can rest assured that your beverage stays where you want.
PERFECT BONUS: Comes with a Infused Water Starter Guide including 25 Healthy Recipes eBook

Who said drinking water had to be boring?

Fruits, veggies, herbs, tea, still or sparkling water: the possibilities for combining ingredients are really endless, adults and kids can get very creative!
Take control of your hydration: have fun making your own natural detox beverage full of vitamins and nutrients. Start feeling better day after day.
The Hydracy 32oz bottle not only looks great but is the perfect travel buddy for men and women during their workout or the day-to-day at the office

Click on the BUY Button NOW and join THOUSANDS of happy customers! 100 Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money Back! Hurry, Special Sale Ends Soon!

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  • ENJOY DRINKING HEALTHY: large 32oz capacity and full length infuser basket for increased flavour till the last drop, drinking water has never been so tempting! Thanks to our new timeline feature, you will easily track your daily water intake and adopt a healthy hydration habit proven to increase your energy level, facilitate weight loss, detox and feeling rejuvenated!
  • NO SWEAT & COOLER: unlike others all our infusion bottles come with their own sweat proof insulative cover. Say Goodbye to condensation which can potentially create a mess in your carry bag and say Hello to your fruit infused water staying deliciously fresh at least 50 longer!
  • SAFE & SIMPLE TO USE: Built with sturdy premium BPA free eco-friendly Eastman Tritan, your bottle can be used and reused safely by everyone adults or kids. The metal ring latch on the flip top ensures the bottle is securely sealed and 100 leakproof. Cleaned easily in 1 minute, spend more time experimenting with all the delicious recipes included in your free Starter Guide eBook.
  • SMART & STYLISH DESIGN: easy to carry in backpack pocket or using extra convenient carry handle. Special fitted grips on both sides for a more comfortable and secure handling. Flip top Lid give you instant access to your infused water, large capacity reducing refilling needs, fits most car holders, 2-in-1 just remove the infuser and you have a nice sport bottle. Ideal for gift, why not buy another one for a friend or family member? Get ready to receive plenty of compliments!
  • YOUR SATISFACTION GUARANTEED We are so sure you will absolutely love your bottle that it comes with a lifetime satisfaction guaranteed: if for whatever reason you are not absolutely 100 thrilled by your infuser, we will refund or replace it, no question asked! Included also are instructions on how to download your free Infused Water Starter Guide & Recipes eBook. Kick-start your healthy habit and order your awesome bottle risk-free NOW!

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Infusion Pro Premium Fruit Water Bottle Infuser - White Sport 1 Pack - 24 oz BPA Free Durable Tritan Plastic - Free eBook Recipe Guide - Sleek Flip Top Lid with Base Infused Dual Opening

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When class meets lifestyle Water has never tasted more delicious!

The Infusion Pro premium fruit infuser is designed to create fresh fruit infused combinations of delicious flavorful water.


- Fat Burning
- Hydration
- Self-immunity (antioxidants)
- Weight loss
- Improved digestion

Drink More and Feel Great:

The Infusion Pro speaks simplicity. The longer you let your water infuse with the fruit the more flavorful the outcome will be. Overnight infusion we have found is most effective.

Take this bottle anywhere, indoors, outdoors, sports, the gym, yoga, running, biking, in the office, travelingÉ there is a place and time that suites your Infusion Pro bottle anywhere.


- Made of durable 100 BPA Free Eco Friendly Eastman Tritan Copolyester Plastic.
- Large 24oz (700ml)capacity.
- Dual opening for easy cleaning and long lasting fruit infusion.
- Top dish rack safe, hand wash recommended.
- Removable fruit infuser compartment.
- Sporty EZ drink spout for convenient sipping with flip top lid
- Packaged with WHITE bottle.

Infusion Pro Guarantee:

When you order your Infusion Pro bottles you will receive a FREE STARTER RECIPE E-BOOK containing our delicious recipes. We are all about CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and stand behind our products with our 30 day 100 money back guarantee..

Just click Add to Cart on this page and get your INFUSION PRO fruit infuser today with our free starter gift risk free

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  • WHATS NEW: SWEAT PROOF - Keep your water cool and eliminate "bottle sweat" with handy neoprene insulated sleeves. Inclusive Inner Strainer/ Filter - Keep your fruit / Ice in your bottle without clogging your drinking spout.
  • CUTTING EDGE DESIGN: 24 oz Capacity (700ml) 1 PACK INCLUDES WHITE bottle. The dual openings on the base and top of the infused bottle make it easy to clean the fruit bottle in seconds. The bottle is top shelf dishwashing safe. BPA FREE - Eastman Tritan plastic is environmentally friendly, durable, and attractive.
  • BOTTOM INFUSER TECHNOLOGY: The fruit infuser compartment is uniquely placed on the bottom of the bottle ensuring the fruit to be submerged longer than many fruit infuser bottles resulting in deep, long lasting tastes even when the hydration bottle is half full. The infuser is REMOVABLE allowing the bottle to act as a sports bottle if desired.
  • LEAK PROOF & HIGHLY VERSATILE: Both top and bottom screw on lids have rubber gaskets (rings) to prevent any leakage. The stainless steel ring and carrying handle make it perfect for your home, kitchen, outdoor and sports activities, and work. It can be used as a tennis water bottle, smoothie bottle, camping bottle. It is also great for cycling, running, and hiking.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: We are a family owned business and customer service is our top priority. Each bottle has passed comprehensive quality control. If you are not absolutely satisfied and thrilled with your Infusion Pro Water Bottle simply contact us and we will refund or replace it for you.

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Danum Fruit Infuser Water Bottle Large 32oz New Full Length Infusion Basket, Leak-Proof, Flip-Top, Dual Hand Grips, Made of BPA-Free Eastman Tritan with Multiple Color Options & Free Recipe Ebook

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Large 32oz Capacity

Fits most car cup holders

100 BPA free, Eco friendly

Leak proof & Lockable Lid

Large opening makes it easy to clean

Infuser basket holds enough for multiple refills

Remove the infuser & it makes a great Sports Water Bottle

Why drink Infused Water?


Did you know that over 75 of Americans are chronically Dehydrated?

Soda, energy drinks, sugary "fruit" drinks. All these tasty drinks literally dehydrate you!

In the past 100 years, we have lost touch with the natural and healthy way of making water our main beverage

Here are just some benefits of infused water:

Good source for Antioxidants

Helps reduce wrinkles & improve overall skin tone & elasticity

Helps digestion

Helps weight loss & hunger control

Great source for vitamins & minerals

Helps you reduce your sugar intake by replacing soda

Stimulates better brain function - concentration, alertness, fatigue

Helps you rest better

Helps joint lubrication

Infusing vitamins & minerals boosts your immune system

Helps to detoxify the body

Literally, by drinking infused water regularly, you can replace soda, and other bad drinks with natural, organically flavored drinks, to feel better & look better too!

Make a HEALTHIER YOU with your own DANUM Infusing Bottle right now!

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  • 100 BPA-FREE Danum bottles are made of Premium Eastman Tritan. You'll love drinking from this bottle - it's not like other plastic bottles you've used before. The Eastman Tritan material is BPA free so it's safe to use, odorless & has no plastic aftertaste. Premium Eastman Tritan is very durable, yet looks like glass. The Danum bottle has all of the benefits of glass bottle with the safety & lighter weight of a plastic bottle.
  • LIVE HEALTHIER Are you trying to drink more water, lose weight & live healthier? The Danum Fruit Infuser Bottle is your answer - Simple, Easy & Fast! In 2 minutes you can make great tasting, healthy water. Get all the hydration your body needs with all the flavors you love! Why put sugar & chemicals in your body that are keeping you over weight & feeling bad? Give your body the hydration, vitamins & minerals it needs - the natural & organic way! Choose to live healthier & feel better today!
  • DESIGNED FOR INFUSING Danum bottles are so well designed & durable, you'll use it every day! You'll love how much fruit & water this large 32 oz bottle holds, yet still fits in most car cup holders. The rubber grip on one side & molded thumb grip opposite ensures a secure grip. Easy to carry using the large finger loop. One hand operation - push the button & the lid pops open. The flat bottom-full length infuser basket makes it easy to add lots of fruit and a large opening for easy cleaning.
  • FREE RECIPE EBOOK Do you like free gifts? When you buy a Danum Fruit Infuser Water Bottle you get more than just a great Infusion bottle, you also get an awesome Fruit Infusing recipe eBook - FREE! We have selected the very best infusion recipes out there & put them into an attractive & easy to read eBook. You're going to love all of the great tasting & healthy recipes! It's all here - great bottle & great recipe book. Make the choice to start living healthier today - you deserve it!
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY We're so confident in the design & craftsmanship of our bottles, we back it up with a lifetime warranty! You will absolutely love your Danum Fruit Infuser Water Bottle - or we'll buy it back. If it breaks, we'll replace it. You have nothing to lose! We have made changes to our bottle based upon customers feedback, improving an already great design, it's near perfect now & we're sure you'll feel the same! There's nothing to lose & everything to gain - get yours today!

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Infusion Pro 32 oz. Fruit Water Bottle Infuser with Insulated Sleeve & Infusion eBook :: Bottom Loading, Large Cage for More Flavor & Pulp Strainer :: Delicious, Healthy Way to Up Your Water Intake

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Our biggest water fruit infuser bottle size yet, this next-generation infusion bottle is innovatively designed to pack more fruity intensity into your fruit infusing water bottle. Isn't it time to enjoy water your way? Upgraded with smart new features, our jumbo Infusion Pro Fruit Infuser Bottle delivers extra fruit "zing" with every sip or chug. Not only is our fruit infusing water bottle chamber bigger than typical fusion fruit water bottle models, our fruit fusion bottle has a unique bottom-loading design that keeps your produce submerged in the water for longer, resulting in bolder, brighter flavor. Turn that boring H2O into an infinite array of tasty fruit medleys in your 32 oz infuser water bottle. Large 32 oz water bottle capacity Ingenious integrated strainer filters out excess pulp & seeds Top TPR lid has soft, grippy texture Made of tough-as-nails, BPA-free Tritan plastic Fail-proof leak-free design Clever flip-top cap that locks Dual openings make washing a breeze Top-shelf dishwasher safe Carry handle for perfect portability Sleek, matching neoprene insulating sleeve For men & women, in a spectrum of fun colors Info-packed recipes eBook included What's more, your Infusion Pro Fruit Infuser Water Bottle is supremely versatile. Take your fusion water bottle to work and stay hydrated and more focused all day. Bring it running, hiking, or cycling. Keep your flavor infuser water bottle around the house so you always have a refreshing drink at your fingertips. Register your detox fruit infuser water bottle on our website to download our fruit infuser eBook - loaded with valuable information and tips on getting the most out of your Infusion Pro bottle. This infuser bottle also makes a cool and oh-so-practical gift for your favorite fitness fanatic or someone who's trying to achieve better health.

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  • PATENTED BOTTOM-LOADING DESIGN: Love fruit-infused water? Our water fruit infuser bottle features a unique premium design that allows fruit to be submerged longer, resulting in RICH, BOLD FRUIT FLAVORS. Remove the fruit infuser cage to instantly turn it into a regular sports water bottle.
  • HOLDS MORE FRUIT THAN ORDINARY BOTTLES: Unlike most water infusion bottles with skimpy cages & large holes, our infuser water bottle is generously sized (HOLDS MORE FRUIT FOR LONG-LASTING FLAVORED WATER) & has smaller holes, so no fruit bits escape your water infuser bottles. Yes, there's PLENTY OF ROOM FOR ICE.
  • FILTERS OUT SEEDS & PULP: Your detox lemon water bottle infuser features a BUILT-IN STRAINER / FILTER that lets you use any fruit you want (even citrus) without seeds getting into your 32 oz water bottle. It also keeps ice from blocking the infusion bottle nozzle while you're drinking from your infuser bottle.
  • MADE OF ULTRA-STURDY, BPA-FREE PLASTIC: Your personal diffuser water bottle is made of durable, eco-friendly Tritan plastic - no toxic chemicals to leach into your flavored water bottle with fruit infuser. A LID FEATURING soft, grippy rubber (TPR) & reinforced cap prevents leaks with your water infuser bottle.
  • OUR PLEDGE OF SATISFACTION: If for any reason you are unhappy with your fruit infusion water bottle, you'll receive a FULL REFUND... FOR LIFE. Fruit infused water bottles make a IDEAL GIFT for health-savvy men and women who love the gym and outdoor activities.

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Brimma Leak Proof Fruit Infuser Water Bottle, Large 32 Oz.

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Hydration For Your Short & Long Term Health

Staying hydrated has never been more important than it is today, but most people aren't all that crazy about drinking glass after glass of plain water.

And who could blame them?

Water is plain, water is boring, and water is tasteless - and since we live in a sea of flavor packed alternatives (usually swimming in sugar and potential dangerous chemical additives), it's easy to see why we skip the healthy option altogether.

But not anymore!

Enjoy Maximum Hydration With The Brimma 32oz Fruit Infuser Bottle!

- Easy To Use

- 100 BPA Free

- Smart Leak Proof Design

- Convenient Carrying Handle


- Secure Locking Lid

- 2-in-1 Remove Infuser And Makes For A Great Stand Alone Water Bottle

- Easy To Clean

- High Quality Shatterproof Eatman Tritan Plastic

- Fruit infusion technology and capsule forces flavor into everyday water, making it tastier than any sports drink

- Save money while improving your health at the same time!

Just add fruit!

This fruit infuser water bottle system guarantees that you'll be able to enjoy the healthiest and most flavorful water no matter where you are. Perfect for the home, office, gym, yoga, crossfit, sports, hiking, cycling, camping, as a unique gift, and more - you're going to love our fruit infuser water bottle!

And That's Not All...

Enjoy Our Lifetime Warranty Risk Free - 100 Money Back

So get your Brimma Infused Water Bottle today. Just click the add to cart button above.

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  • FINALLY ENJOY WATER WITHOUT THE ADDED SUGAR AND CALORIES - Infuse Drinks With Mint, Lemon, Lime, Orange, Kiwi, Mango or Berries! Whatever Your Favorite Flavors Are, You Can Enjoy Them Naturally And Easily. Load Up The Infuser Tube, Fill The Bottle With Your Beverage, Assemble And Get Ready To Enjoy! A Must Have Beverage Container For The Home, Kitchen, Gym, Yoga Class, Crossfit, Cycling, Hiking, Camping, Office, and Traveling
  • 100 BPA FREE PREMIUM INFUSER WATER BOTTLE - Made From High Quality Durable Eastman Tritan Food Grade Plastic - Recycable, ECO-Friendly, and Shatterproof
  • SMART LEAK PROOF & SHATTERPROOF DESIGN - LARGE 32 Ounce Capacity - Push Button Flip Top Lid - Easy To Handle Nonslip Grips And Convenient Carrying Handle Makes This Fruit Infused Water Bottle The Perfect Travel Tumbler And Unique Gift
  • EASY CLEANING Easy to clean and TOP-RACK DISHWASHER SAFE. Brimma Infusion Tumblers Make For The PERFECT GIFTS!
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE; If you aren't 100 happy, we aren't happy. Try it today; if you aren't totally satisfied, WE'LL GIVE YOUR MONEY BACK - TODAY! Backed by our LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

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Willceal Fruit Infuser Water Bottle 32oz Durable, Large - BPA Free Tritan, Flip Lid, Leak Proof Design - Sports, Camping (Rose Gold)

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Willceal Fruit Infuser Water Bottle 32oz
1. Tritan Plastic- Willceal Infused Water Bottle is made from high quality Durable Eastman Tritan Food Grade Plastic- Recycable, ECO-Friendly, and Shatterproof. No odor and no plastic aftertaste. And more importantly it WILL NOT release chemicals that can affect your bodies' hormones like most plastic water bottles.
2. 3-IN-1 WATER BOTTLE: Create your own fruit combos and get a healthy lifestyle. Its large opening makes it easy to clean. Water bottle, Fruit flavor Bottle, Shaker Bottle.
3.Extra Safe Locking System: with rubber grip and carry handle. It has well leak proof and lockable lid setting.
4.Ideal for Running, Cycling, Gym, Travel and Camping.
1. Wash the fruit infuser water bottle with neutral detergent before the first use. Do not use chlorine, bleach or strong detergents.
2. Turn the lid clockwise to tighten the lid to prevent leakage. Turn by counter-clockwise to open the lid.
3. Please clean the fruit infuser water bottle with water after using to avoid any coloured precipitate.
1. Material--Tritan.
2. Size-32OZ.
3. BPA Free & Leak-proof , Eco-friendly material,food grade bottle.
4. These are great for gifts, party favors, business offices or for yourself.
5.More colors are accepted.
6.Good quality and competitive price.
7.Good service and Reliable supplier.
8. Unique shape & unbreakable body,easy to handle.

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  • HEALTHY AND SAVE MONEY -- no longer buy expensive drinks from the store, Stay hydrated the healthy and ethical way - with the only infuser bottle on the market keeping you and others hydrated at the same time.
  • LARGE -- 32 OZ Volume and big Infuser, Basket holds more fruit and water, Increases flavor, and reduces refilling needs.
  • STYLISH DESIGN -- Featuring Non-slip Grip, Secure Lid Locking Latch, Easy Drinking Spout, Convenient Carrying Hook in A Stylish Design That Fits Most Cars' Cup Holders.
  • SAFETY TRITAN -- FDA, LFGB, SGS, CE/EU approval, BPA Free & Leak-proof, Fruit Infuser Water Bottle Is Made of Premium High Quality Tritan. Not Only Is Tritan Durable and Shatter-proof, It's 100 BPA Free. No Harmful Chemicals for Your Hydration Needs. Silicone Seals and Locking Latch Ensures A Worry Free Leak-proof Experience.
  • MORE CHOICE -- BPA Free Sports Fruit Infusion Water Bottle Is Available in Many Colors.

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Infusion Pro Water Infuser Bottle 24 oz Infused Water Bottle bpa Free Premium Leak Proof Tritan Plastic with Bottom Infusing Design Flip Top Locking Spout

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What a unique fruit infused water bottle! It infuses from the bottom for richer flavors the neoprene insulating sleeve keeps your infusion water bottle cooler longer ... perfect for creating exciting infused water bottle or tea combos for detoxing & weight loss.

Our Smart infuser water bottle Design Solves 3 Major Problems

1. Most infused water bottles put the infuser basket at the top. With Infusion Pro Water Bottles, it's at the bottom, so fruit stays submerged longer & flavors infuse more intensely. You get healthy, decadent fruit drinks that are actually good for you with virtually ZERO calories from the fruit infuser water bottle!

2. Ordinary bottles aren't meant for travel. With the fruit water bottle infuser you get a premium neoprene insulating sleeve, carrying handle & sturdy leakproof water infuser design, our water bottle infuser easily goes in your backpack, yoga bag, cup holder, beach bag or desk for hours of cool refreshment.

3. Not all fruit infusers strain out the bad stuff. Ours fusion water bottle is made of premium TRITAN plastic that is BPA-FREE & nontoxic.

Each fruit infuser bottle features:

Insulation sleeve for each bottle
Strainer net to catch seeds & pulp
Locking Flip-top lid for convenient pouring
24-oz. capacity
Extra-large infuser basket
Extra coating of outer plastic for durability
TWO openings (top & bottom) for quicker cleaning
Sealed gaskets at both ends to stop leaks & spills
Handy carrying strap

FREE Recipe E-Book & Full Guarantee!

As soon as you order, we'll send you a link to a PDF E-Book full of luscious recipes. WE know you'll love your bottle, but if you're ever unhappy, simply send it back for a refund or replacement - for LIFE!

Add to Cart Now & Order Extras as Gifts for Friends & Family!

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  • Stays Colder Longer: Thanks to the fruit infused water bottle insulating neoprene sleeve & carrying strap you can have cool gourmet fruit infuser water everywhere. Wash infusion water bottle by hand or dishwasher (top rack) then refill with another amazing flavor!
  • Bottom-Infusing Design with Strainer: Extra-large infuser basket holds more fruit at the bottom of the infuser water bottle, allowing water to acquire more taste. The unique strainer prevents seeds, pulp or ice from clogging the drinking spout.
  • Premium Quality: Your leak-proof infusion pro water bottle comes in 100 Eastman TRITAN plastic, famous for durability & BPA-FREE safety. Enjoy with complete peace of mind! Locking flip top spout on the fruit infuser water bottle for quick on the go drinking.
  • Perfect for Detox & Weight Loss: With your fruit water bottle infuser, you'll create healthy, tasty fusion water bottle drinks FREE of sugar & calories. You'll even receive a free water infuser E-Book filled with tasty no-cal recipes!
  • Lifetime Guarantee: If you're not happy at any point during the life of your Infusion Pro insulated water infuser bottle, we'll refund your purchase price no questions asked.

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Fresh Fusions 32 oz Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

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That's a lot of bottles. But we consume a number of liquids each day, so we need these tools. If only there was an easier way.


Fresh Fusions has seen what the market has to offer, and we've decided it was time to bring something more to the table, and our 2 in 1 Infuser Water Bottle Set is just the thing to give you options and versatility in your portable potables! No matter what you use it for, we've got the right tool for the job. Plus the set comes with access to a 25 healthy recipe ebook for infused fruit ideas!


Of course you'll be receiving an excellent removable center assembly diffuser with ample room. From pre and post workout and everything in between, you can enjoy a wide variety with our set. Best of all, you can keep your hand clear of any bottle perspiration with our easy-on comfort insulation sleeve!


Remember, we're a company founded on the idea that everyone deserves to have the very best, and if you feel you haven't gotten that from us, just let us know and we promise to make it right!


Buy water bottle fruit infuser from
  • 2018 UPGRADE - New Year, New Product. We've gone ahead and upgraded the fruit infuser rod with a few key features. The infuser chamber is now full length and fits inside the entire bottle, so you can get infused water until the very last sip. Also, the infuser rod has a flat bottom so that it stands on its own when you are putting fruit inside it.
  • AN UNBEATABLE SET - Combining a BPA free Tritan plastic Fruit Infuser Water Bottle, a comfortable insulation sleeve and a 25 Healthy Infused Fruit Recipe Ebook all in one set, Fresh Fusions raises the bar in portable beverage versatility.
  • LOCK IT UP - Say goodbye to those unwanted spontaneous lid openings and the leaks that usually follow! With our LEAKPROOF single button release locking flip top, you can rest assured that your beverage stays where you want.
  • TRAVEL BUDDY - Better still, every fruit infusion water bottle comes with a comfortable outer sleeve that offers light insulation and an improved comfort grip. Our infuser bottles fit in any normal cup holder, and just as easily in your gym bag or hiking back pack. It's the go everywhere, do anything infusion bottle you've been waiting for! Plus, the Fresh Fusions fruit infusing water bottle makes the perfect seasonal gift for mom and stocking stuffer for athletes.
  • OUR PROMISE - Remember, with Fresh Fusions, you never have to worry about losing your investment to a poor product or an unresponsive vendor. We've got you covered from workout to workout and every time in between! Click "Add to Cart" and we'll take care of the rest.

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AquaFrut 32oz Fruit Infuser Water Bottle (Green) Includes Bonus Brush

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AquaFrut 32oz Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Why Fruit Infused Water?

We all know the great health benefits of drinking more water. It increases energy and relieves fatigue, promotes weight loss, flushes out toxins, improves skin complexions, and boosts immune systems... But what if you don't like drinking old boring water or are addicted to unhealthy sugary sodas? AquaFrut Infuser combines the great health benefits of fruit and water into one easy to use water bottle. By using your favorite fruits, you can create delicious, fresh and healthy flavored water that you know you'll love!

How to use?

1. Select your favorite fruit such as lemon, kiwi, strawberry, watermelon, mango, apple... your options are endless. (TIP - you can experiment with herbs and vegetables as well, our customers rave about mixing mint leaves with cucumbers for a refreshing summer drink)
2. Put the ingredients you selected into the inner infuser tube and add water.
3.Shake it up! You can enjoy it right away or leave it in the refrigerator for 15 mins or more to enjoy extra flavor!

Why AquaFrut Infuser bottle?

Not only are our infuser bottles stylish but they are easy to carry and durable and leak proof. All of our bottles are made from BPA -Free, premium Tritan material, they are built to last! So get yours today and enjoy a worry free 100 LOVE IT guarantee.

We are so certain that you'll love our infuser water bottle, if for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, let us know and we'll refund your money no questions asked!

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  • ? NEW FULL LENGTH INFUSER & BONUS BRUSH - Full length infuser basket infuses your drink to the last drop, more flavor for your hydration needs! Bonus cleaning brush included!
  • ? LARGE 32 OZ CAPACITY - Large 32oz volume and big infuser basket holds more fruit and water, increases flavor, reduces refilling needs!
  • ? STYLISH DESIGN - Featuring Non-slip grip, secure lid locking latch, easy drinking spout, convenient carrying hook in a stylish design that fits most car's cup holders.
  • ? BPA FREE & LEAK PROOF - AquaFrut infusers are made of premium Eastman TRITAN. Not only is TRITAN durable and shatter proof, it's 100 BPA free. No harmful chemicals for your hydration needs. Silicone seals and locking latch ensures a worry free leak proof experience. Ready to go anywhere that you are! Perfect for gym, work and beach.
  • ? FREE RECIPE eBOOK - AquaFrut premium infuser water bottle comes with a free starter guide and a downloadable recipe eBook. It contains the best infusing recipes that will get you started right away for a healthier lifestyle!

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Water bottle fruit infuser